Leftover Daylight Series

The Leftover Daylight series started as a bi-weekly concert series co-produced by myself and Joe Sorbara in conjunction with Arraymusic and held at the Arraymusic Studio, 60 Atlantic Ave, suite 218 in Toronto. This series has been going since November 2003 and in that time we have had a number of local creative musicians in various ad hoc improvisational meetings, leading their own groups, monthly performance by Joe Sorbara's Pickle Juice Orchestra through most of 2003 and 2004. The series has also included performances from various creative musicians from various scenes around Canada and around the world. Including Lori Freedman, Gordon Allen, Les Poules, Ivan Bamford and Martin Tetrault from Montreal. Tony Wilson, Jesse Zubot, Skye Brooks, Russel Shonberg, J.P. Carter, Masa Anzai, Jason Hammer, Ron Samworth and Kate Hammett-Vaughan from Vancouver. Kris Davis, Jeff Davis, Andy Haas, Eivend Opsvik, Michael Bates, Mark Helias, Tony Malaby and Tom Rainey from New York. Jason Robinson, Nathan Hubbard, Scott Walton from California. Michael Dessen and Nicole Rampersaud from Massachusetts. Tom Chant and Roger Turner from the U.K., Thomas Charmetant from France and Pau Torres from Spain. Scott Thompson and Ellen Waterman from Guelph, Ilian Waniuk, Nick Storring and Kyle Brenders from Waterloo and Colin Fisher from Stratford.

The LOD series became a weekly event starting in January 2006. Joe and I enlisted the help of drummer Nick Fraser to help curate and run the series. We also began including a monthly guest curater chosen from interested musicians on the local scene. Due to time constraints I am no longer booking the LOD but I hope to continue to perform there on occasion and definitely continue to go listen. Check out the official LOD website here http://www.ovalwindowmusic.org/leftoverdaylight/