John Sorensen
B. Comm., B. Mus., M. Mus.

Recording engineer/producer John Sorensen has a diverse background that includes experience as a performing musician and information systems developer. After graduate studies in music John spent several years working in Los Angeles, California in the employ of award-winning facilities such as Ocean Way Recording and Cello Studios, prior to returning to Canada for a two year stint working as chief engineer for The Banff Centre. His engineering and mixing credits include gold, platinum and Grammy award winning releases for artists as diverse as Dave Douglas, the Rolling Stones, Beck, Don Thompson, Chucho Valdes, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Luis Miguel, among many others.

Currently working towards an LL.B. degree at Osgoode Hall Law School he stays active in the music industry as an engineer and director of the summer audio program at The Banff Centre. Upon completion of his law degree John will article at the Tax Court of Canada in Ottawa.

Mission statement: As a recording engineer my priority is the art and the artist. I strive for the highest possible production values under any circumstance, but willingly abandon audiophile values when and where the pursuit of sonic qualities interferes with or impedes the creative process of the artists. We make great sounding records for Trio Records primarily because when the artists perform in the studio the gear and the guy behind the console (me) are a means, not an end, and I try not to forget that.

Ken Aldcroft
B. Mus.

As a producer I have been able to consistently produce various recordings, concerts and touring projects to a high level of artistic quality, within specified budgets and time frame since 1997. I have also been able to work with and learn from Juno award winning bassist/producer Rick Kilburn, Juno nominated vocalist/producer Kate Hammett-Vaughan and writer/producer Kris Elgstrand.


  • October/November 2004- organized a tour for central and eastern Canada in support of the new recording.
  • October 2004- the Ken Aldcroft Group "Kirby Sideroad" (trp-006). This recording was made possible with a grant from the Ontario Arts Council.

  • September 2003-presently- Co-producing a bi-weekly concert series, "the Leftover Daylight Series" with Joe Sorbara. This series features various local improvisers and bandleaders as well as national and international recognized artists including; Mark Helias' Open Loose trio featuring Tony Malaby and Tom Rainey, Ron Samworth/Kate Hammett-Vaughan duo, John Oswald, Roger Turner, Les Poules and Marilyn Lerner.

  • October/03April/May/04- organized CD release tours throughout central Canada and the prairies in support of my recording "From Our Time".

  • October 2003- The Ken Aldcroft Trio +1 "From Our Time" (trp-005).

  • Ongoing- Co-produce with Joe Sorbara a three night music series, "The Interface Series" which introduces Toronto improvisers and creative musicians with national and international artists. This series has included Vancouver drummer Dylan van der Schyff, New York bassist Rueben Radding and Vancouver guitarist Ron Samworth.

  • June 2003- organized a central Canadian tour for the Ken Aldcroft Group with gigs in Ottawa, the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival and the L'Off Festival in Montreal

  • November/December 2002- organized a partial tour of Canada (the prairies and central Canada) for my band the Ken Aldcroft Trio +1.

  • April-Sept. 2002- produced a monthly concert series at Graffiti's in Toronto.

  • Sept. 2001- organized a tour of Alberta for Ear Contact; George McFetridge/Ken Aldcroft duo in support of their album "January Sun".

  • June-Oct. 2001- produced a monthly concert series at Clinton's Tavern in Toronto.

  • Feb.-March 2001- produced a weekly concert series at the 360 Club in Toronto.

  • June 2000- produced and performed on George McFetridge's Canada Council funded CD project, Ear Contact: January Sun.

  • June 2000- co-produced a concert with the Vancouver East Cultural Ctr. The concert was a viewing of Buster Keaton's silent movie "Our Hospitality" with an original score by Ken Aldcroft and performed by the Ken Aldcroft Quartet at the Vancouver East Cultural Ctr.

  • April 2000- produced a concert at Havana Gallery in Vancouver: TUTU a tribute to Miles Davis performed by the Ken Aldcroft trio + 1.

  • March 2000- organized an Alberta tour for a collaborative group Aldcroft/Tildesely/Samsom performing my trio music.

  • Nov. 1999- produced a concert at the Havana Gallery in Vancouver: Buster Keaton's "The General" with an original score by Ken Aldcroft and performed by the Ken Aldcroft Quartet.

  • Sept. 1999- co-produced a concert with writer Kris Elgstrand at the Havana Gallery in Vancouver: What Goes- an evening of jazz, stories and poetry with original jazz and improvised music by the Ken Aldcroft Trio +1.

  • Feb. 1999- produced the Ken Aldcroft Trio +1 debut CD, his mistress never sleeps… a tribute to the life and music of duke ellington. Released Jan/00.

  • Feb. 1999- co-produced a concert with writer Kris Elgstrand at the Havana Gallery in Vancouver: his mistress never sleeps… featuring the Ken Aldcroft Trio +1.
  • Nov. 1998- produced the debut CD release of the Ken Aldcroft Trio, Big Picture.

  • Nov. 1998- organized a Canada Council funded Western Canadian Tour for the Ken Aldcroft Trio.

  • April 1998- co-produced a double-bill concert with vocalist Kate Hammett-Vaughan in Vancouver at the Havana Gallery: featuring the Kate Hammett-Vaughan Quartet and the Ken Aldcroft Trio.

  • Dec. 1997- produced and released my first recording the Ken Aldcroft Trio featuring….