Active Ensembles / Collectives / Collaborators

Convergence Ensemble

The Convergence ensemble is an improvising ensemble that integrates composed material through spontaneous arranging by all members of the ensemble. The personnel and composed material comes from Ken Aldcroft's various ensembles he has led over the past 10 years including the Group, Trio +1, Quartet and Trio. This collective real time music-making scenario keeps the ensemble members on their toes while acting and reacting to each other's on the spot decision making. The result is an organic live process to creating music that includes the listening audience being active participants and inviting them along for the musical ride in real time. The Convergence Ensemble will be releasing their debut CD "The Great Divide" in October 2006.

Ken Aldcroft Solo

I am currently developing a solo repertoire: both improvised and composition based performance.


Guitar-tenor project

more info soon

Remnants Trio

Remnants Trio is a collective trio featuring Evan Shaw, Joe Sorbara and myself. This group has been in existence since 2002 and we have recently released our first recording.

4 in 1

4 in 1 is a duo project with drummer Dave Clark. Dave and I are working our way through the Thelonious Monk songbook.


Julie Lebel

Julie is an amazing improvising dancer. We have been working together for the past couple of years. She has recently relocated to Vancouver but we still keep chatting about possible projects.

Kris Elgstrand

Kris Elgstrand is a writer, playwright, screen writer, director and producer. Kris and I have been working together since 1998 co-producing concerts and events as well as collaborating on projects. Some of the projects are What Goes, The Pulse and most recently a song-writing project for the June 2006 "Songroom" event in Vancouver.

Dave Clark: Woodchoppers Association

The Woodchoppers Association is one of Dave Clark's groups that performs semi-regularly though-out Toronto and Southern Ontario. I am lucky enough to be a member of this improvising large ensemble

Joe Sorbara

Along with co-producing the Leftover Daylight series and both being founding members of AIMT-Association of Improvising Musicians Toronto I am a member of his large ensemble the Pickle Juice Orchestra and his new sextet "Other Foot First".

Past Ensembles