AIMToronto- Association of Improvising Musicians Toronto

My three days of experience with AIMT taught me that there is a collective of improvising musicians in Toronto doing serious, important research into sound, structure and relationship. It is impossible for me to overstate the importance of this way of working. It is helpful for any musician. Not only are these musicians creating beautiful 'pure' music of their own, but they are also developing a sensitivity which can contribute to many performing collaborations with dancers, visual artists, theater makers, video and film makers.
Alto Saxophonist/ composer / improviser Michael Moore

AIMT-Association of Improvising Musicians Toronto was formed in 2004 and is a non-profit organization in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to help promote the creative music scene in Toronto. AIMT was started by bassist Rob Clutton, guitarist Ken Aldcroft, trombonist Scott Thomson and drummers Nick Fraser and Joe Sorbara.

Our Mandate

To promote improvised music and improvising musicians in Toronto by working for the benefit of the scene with respect for it's diversity.

To aquaint the public with an alternative and creative music experience by engaging old and new audiences alike with an open and interactive approach to music, art, and community.

To produce the Interface Series: a quarterly, three night music series presenting local, improvising musicians in performance situations with artists who are recognised as being contributors to the improvised music community on a national and international scale. The production of this series will serve to raise the profile of local improvisers within Toronto and to advance our relationship with the wider community.

To offer extensive outreach programs in addition to these concerts in the form of open rehearsals, workshops and performances in various schools. This will help to find and educate new, interested listeners and promote local artists making creative music to the community at large.

The Interface series is an on-going concert series that introduces Toronto improvisers to national and internationally recognized artists. This happens over a three night series where the guest artist will perform in ad hoc situations with local players or perform original music in large or small ensemble made up of local musicians.

The Interface series was originally started by Ken Aldcroft and Joe Sorbara in which they co-produced three events through 2003 and 2004. These Interface Concerts guest artists included Vancouver drummer Dylan van der Schyff, New York bassist Reuben Radding and Vancouver guitarist Ron Samworth. The beginning of 2005 marked the passing of the Interface Series from Joe and Ken to AIMT. The first Interface under AIMT was a fundraiser January 13-15, 2005. Other Interface Series in 2005 included Jean Derome (May), LaConnor- Francois Houle, Jean Martin and Jesse Zubot (July), KAMOSC Trio- Achim Kaufmann, Michael Moore, Dylan van der Schyff and Wolter Wierbos (Sept) and Paul Hession and Mick Beck (Dec.)

The 2006 Interface schedule has included the annual Fundraiser Feb 3-5, Lori Freedman Interface March 10-12, Wilbert de Joode Interface June 22-24. Upcoming events include the Music(in)Galleries July 22 along Queen St. West, Stephen Grew Interface August 10-12, AIMToronto at the Guelph Jazz Festival September 8 and 9 and then the Joe McPhee Interface September 21-23, 2006. Check the AIMToronto official website at for more information.