Scott Thomson

Scott Thomson is a trombonist who prioritizes real-time, collective music-making. Ad-hoc ensembles provide a particularly productive territory in which to play. That said, Scott is a regular member of Michael Morse's Dignity of Labour Ensemble, Silent Five, Jonny Rainbow, the Woodchopper's Association, and a duo with John Oswald. He has worked extensively with choreographer Julie Lebel's Ensemble Independant, composing and performing the music for 'Cette Violente Franchise' with dancers Isabelle Chevrier and Claudia Fancello. 'Cette Violente Franshise' has been shown/heard in Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto (Series 8:08 & 8:08 Season Finale), at the Guelph Jazz Festival, and in Fermont, PQ (as part of a two-week residency in this isolated mining community), prior to its full premiere at Espace Tangente in Montreal in November 2003. In January 2003, Scott performed his own concerto with the Kitchener/Waterloo New Orchestra under the direction of Glenn Buhr, and soloed on Buhr's piece 'Kanon' on the same program. Elsewhere he has worked with John Farah (the Old Voices Project), Well-Charged Reggae, and Of January May; and has contributed recently to recorded products by Matthew Barber and Lewis Melville. He is presently working on a soundtrack to an animated film by Craig Marshall.