Following is a 19th century comic verse written about a judge sorting out the Welsh surnames as part of the "anglicization" process.  The poem was taken from the Glamorgan rootsweb list from a submission supplied by John Gareth and given to him by John Ottery.

Then strove the judge with main and might
The surrounding consonants to write
But when the day was almost gone
He found his work not nearly done.

His ears assailed most woefully
With names like Rhys ap Griffith Ddu,
Aneirin, lorweth, leuan Goch,
And Llwyarch Hen o Abersoch,
Taleiesin ap Llewelyn Fawr
And Llun ap Arthur bach y Cawr.

Until at length, in sheer despair,
He doffed his wig and tore his hair
And said he would no longer stand
The surnames of our native land.

Take ten, he said, and call them Rice,
Take another ten and call them Price,
Take fifty others call them Pughs,
A hundred more I'll dub them Hughes,
Now Roberts name some hundred score,
And Williams name a legion more.

And call, he moaned in languid tone,
Call all the other thousands - Jones.