Biking on the Kettle Valley Railway

Here are some photos from a four day ride on the Kettle Valley Railway in British Columbia in July 2000. We did a circuit from Penticton, going east on Forest Service roads to catch the Kettle Valley trail at Carmi, and then circling north, west and south again, back to Penticton. All told, about 240 km.

Harv, Nina, and Mike

One of the nicest sections of the KVR, just north of Carmi, BC. Being a disused railway line, the grades never exceed 2% and the trail goes through some beautiful country.

Harv, me, and Nina

We got lost the first day, and stopped for the night by a stream, somewhere between Penticton and Carmi. A great campsite. The Forest Service roads were a lot more fun than the KVR trail, in my opinion. Nina (a famous dietician!) cooked up an amazing supper, adding a lot to my sense of the possible in bike trip cuisine.

posed picture...

One of the many trestles in the Myra Canyon, one of the highlights of the KVR. There are eighteen in all, some of which are hundreds of feet long.

yours truly, in the rain

The weather didn't hold. Me in the rain, high above Lake Okanagan. This would have been way more impressive in the sun.

Harv, Mike, and Nina

Camping in the rain, just off the trail, above Naramata, BC. In spite of the rain, we could always light a fire. Harv and I biked down into Naramata after supper to buy beer. Later that same night, we had to scramble out of our tent to fight off a bear that was attacking Mike & Nina! We didn't actually see the bear, but Mike was sure it was on top of the tent. Only our bravery saved him, and now he owes us big time.

Nina, Mike, and Harv

End of the trip. Three wet but happy campers.

Map of the KVR (from the Kettle Valley Homepage)
Our route began in Penticton, at the southern end of the large lake (Okanagan) shown on the map, and passed though Carmi, Myra, and back to Penticton.

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