Really Messed Sites

These are the good, the and the downright ugliest sites on the web. It's taken me months to come up with this list so you'd damn well better appreciate it.

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The sites are based on a 5 cat-head rating system with 1 being an average site and 5 heads being a site you visit no matter what!

Let me begin by introducing you to

The Cat Fart Mausoleum's Stink Burger of the Month

 This month's feature:

I think this is pretty much self explanatory.

Thank God For Links!

"Content for the rest of us!"


1001 Uses for Duct Tape

Oddly enough, Red Green is quoted in this site to a large extent.

An alternative art site. Very, very cyberpunk and very strange. Well worth a visit.


You need a soundcard to enjoy this page and not much else.

Americans for Cloning Elvis (ACE)

I don't see a problem. Do you see a problem???

The Amazing WallCam!

Constantly updated pictures of some guy's wall.

The Anal Ram Page

Hmmm, still wondering what to get your mother in law this Christmas?

Answer-Matic Toaster

It's a Shockwave toaster that predicts the future!

The Anti-Canada Website

It's a good laugh for both Canadians and Americans. Ha.

Ask Ken!

Very insightful advice such as shitting in your friend's purse when she puts you down in public.

Ask Mr. Bad Advice!

Not unlike Ask Ken but not as intelligent of answers. This appeals to the lowest common denominator.

Assassinations Foretold in Moby Dick

This is the most work of I have seen in a long, long time.

The Ate My Balls! Mega-Page

A tribute to all those testicle munchers out there - like Alf.

Austin Powers - Shag til you drop

Oh! Behave browser! This site is groovy but it wreaks havok with Netscape!

The Avengers

Get revenge on everyone and never get caught. Well, sort of.

The Page of Bad Candy

Truly a master-piece. Try the Diana Poco (thwpt!)

The Bagpipes go to the Movies

A searchable database of every occurence of bagpipes in the movies or on television.


Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to warp and twist the REAL Barney site. Very nice!

The Bastard Son of the Lord

My standards are officially lowered.

Bert is Evil !

Go here to check out some pics of Bert tainting society. Guess who screwed up Micheal Jackson, it wasn't Ernie.

The Big Sell Out

An archive of ads that some of your favorite stars have done.

Bitch Letter Generator

Yeah, like they need any help!


Is it perfume? Is it booze? No! It's another angry SWF rant! Tres cool.


Ever wonder what to get the man who has everything?

The Home Page of Bonk Business

These people manufacture radioactive isotope generators for the home or small business.

I gotta admire this guy. I think he stole most of my ideas but you gotta respect that kinda shiftiness.

Boulder Vegetable Rights Association

A satyrical site that mocks vegetarians. Tres chic.

Brazen Hussies

The rumour mill's a churnin'. No it's not porn, it's vengeful SWFs!

Broomrider's Palace

Speaking of venegeful SWFs, this site is a member of the "male bashing ring". Remember to spam them.

The Brunching Shuttlecocks

This is a very odd ezine but worth checking out.

BubbaNet Home Page

The difinitive web site for red-necks.


Ever wonder what bubble wrap from other countries looks like?

Bunnies Survival Test

How well do those little marshmellow bunnies stand up to a blowtorch?

The Bureau of Atomic Tourism

A difinitive guide to all the most radioactive or formerly radioactive resorts around the world.


Ever wonder where all those missing socks go? Try here.


A cool site for chicks. Off limits to any self-respecting guy.

Campaign to "Out" Elim Garak of ST:DS9

Yet another "Trekkie" goes off the deep end. We think this one might be gay.

Catalog Request Center

If you love catalogues, (especially the Sears underwear section), this page is for you. It's also good for pranks.

Celebrity Snack Palace

Just damned funny. Especially Rocky Road.

The Christian Gallery

Hardcore fundamentalist Christians run amok on the WWW. Be afraid - be very afraid.

The Church of the SubGenius

I scream, you scream, we all scream for strange cults with stranger names!

ChiaRiffic Order Form

Welcome to hell.

Classic Cans

I'm not talking about the cans you grope in the back of a Dodge...

Cliche Finder

Just what you're looking for. It'll change your life. Carpe Diem.

Codpiece International

A revivalist movement to recover the popularity of the cod-piece.

Mulder's wet dream. Ever wonder who really shot JFK?

Cronkite pissed in my beer

Harmless old bugger of a reporter? I think not!


Great recipie for that "special" occasion.

Cthulhu for President

Why choose the lesser of the evils? Go big or go home!

Cybotron:The Tao of the Genie that Haunts the Moonbeams

Doesn't anyone learn from the Heaven's Gate cult??


This free service allows you to break up with, sexually harass or send a nice valentine to your lover via email postcards. It also writes the juicy bits for the romantically-challenged.

Dead People Server

Have you ever said to yourself.."Hey isn't that guy dead?" Well, now you can find out!

Deb and Jen's Land O' Useless Facts

Two chicks have compiled an impressive list of completely useless trivia. Great fun at parties.

Denenberg Facial Surgery

Most people won't find Rhinoplasty as interesting as me but most people have normal noses.

Diaries and Journals on the Internet

Ever want to look in somebody's diary without them knowing? Well this is you opportunity. Sort of.

Digital Traditions Folksong Database

A great database of lyrics to all sorts of dirty camp-fire songs among the classics.


This sickening site feature the antics of the Dogbutt clan featuring Suk-kok the child molesting clown.

Ask Dr. Rude

FAQs of medical afflictions and sexual bends that would make a pathologist cringe.

The Dr. Suess Purity Test

Let Dr. Suess tell you how much of a sex fiend you are!

Drop Squad!!!

Society is so unforgiving of children with fetal alchohal syndrome.

Dustin's Virtual Mad House

Tour through Dustin's house. It's hard to explain, you'll just have to see it.

The Dysfunctional Family Circus'

If twisted cartoons are your bag - this is your site!

The E Files

Competition for the Bert is Evil page. This one makes Ernie look downright psychotic.

Electronic Sickness

Some really gross and disgusting quicktime movies.

El mundo del Lundo

If you aren't familiar with this TV show, it's high time you were. Check out the scripts archive.

Elvis Shot J.F.K.

It's true dammit! If you're such a sceptic, why don't you see for yourself?

Even Lady Whales Say NO!!!

It's a joke but it's so damn funny, it got it's own web-site!

The eXonizer

Helps weed the cuss words out of a shit-ass fucking site like this.


Pictures of people with truly fat heads. The sad part is - they're proud of it.

The Field Guide to North American Males

Next on Jerry Springer - Women who hate men too much to live.

The First Millennial Foundation

A society that promotes man's domination of the galaxy. Buckets of fun!

Foam bath fish time

Tells the current time in several major time zones using expanding foam fish.

Fortean Times Online

If you like x-rays of rats in someone's lower intestine, this ezine is for you!

Free Sexual Favor !

If you're having a bad day, this isn't the best place in the world to go to.

The Frog That Learned to Fly

More practical uses for strong magnetic fields - like levitating frogs.

The Gallery of the Absurd

Choose lard and say yes to a healthy lifestyle!

Get Your Ass Kicked On The Web!

This guy takes YOUR picture, puts in on the web in Shockwave format and lets YOU shoot yourself. What a concept!

Fun with Grapes - A Case Study

How to make a mess in your microwave - again.


This woman is convinced that ghosts are under her bed. She has five cameras under there that update every 30 seconds.

The Girls Guide to Geek Guys

They say Math teachers make better lovers. (small math joke.) Supposedly, it's true!

Harsh Site Of The Day

From the makers of hangovers and accidental pregnancies comes some scary content.

Home appliance shooting

It's officially open season on this guy's TV.

Heaven's Gate - How and When It May Be Entered

A mirror site of the cult that started it all. Martinis anyone?

Hello Gorgeous

A tribute to cross-dressers on film. Makes you wanna go buy some huge pumps or something doesn't it?


Modern day geniuses. Ever think to yourself "Gee, I wish they had clam flavoured jelly beans"?

Hotlipz' Hotbed of Sarcasm

Everything you wanted to know about White Sepremacy but were scared to ask.


A very interesting gallery of art and sounds. It's full of holes though.

Humungous Bank

Most bank teller I know are pederasses anyhoo. Who'll miss 'em?

The hURL page

A catalogue of all the various euphemisms for projectile vomit.

The Illustrated Guide To Breaking Your Computer

A must see. Ever wondered what the inside of your hard-drive would look like if you smacked it with a hammer?

The Infamous Exploding Whale

This is no joke! You can even download a quicktime movie of someone dynamiting a whale carcass.

Insect Recipes

Real recipies featuring beetles, crickets and bugs. (and what wines go with them!)

International Academy of Lymphology.

Sad but funny - in a sick sort of way

International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs

Thank me later.

Internet Disco Strobe Light Party Page!

If you're not prone to seizures, good wholesome fun for the whole family.

The Internet Tit Exchange

Need I say more?


The saucer watcher's bible - online of course!

Jack Chick

"Saving" the world from potentially harmful religeous pratices.

J A M B O O Z L E !

Explains those barely discernable lyrics in your favorite songs. (cough, Bob Dylan)

Jesus of the Week

Hezuz, el Savior Christ like you've never seen him before!

The Jihad to Destroy the Purple Dinosaur

If you hate Barney, this site is very satisfying.

Kevin's Oddly Different Story Time

Home of Curious George and the High Tension Wires and other great children's tales!

Kitty Porn

Shocking expose of how the media commonly glazes over the sexual exploitation of kittens.

Land of Schlock: The 47s

Another "Trekkie" page. This one is truly disturbing in it's comprehensiveness.

The Little Kimberly Anne FAQ

I was amazed at the lack of shame a woman like this has...

The Love Calculator

Cheap and smelly, but somehow gratifying.

M c S P O T L I G H T

Who keeps an eye on the largest fast-food chain in the world? These guys!

Mark Eats AOL

Someone has finally come up with a use for those AOL disks we all hate - dietary supplements!

MeatMation: The Story of Mr. Beefy

A site that features animation with ground beef.

Menacing Erection

A webpage honouring a sociologist who thought erections were the ultimate evil in the world.

Mentos- the Freshmaker!

Useless trivia and transcripts from Mentos commercials


This guy has declared himself the most fucked up guy in the world. He's so pathetic it's funny!

Mirsky's Drunk Browsing Test

This is the breathalizer test for those of us who are SUI (surfing under the influence).

Mr. 69

A really detailed site all about South Park, including translations of what Kenny is saying.

Mr. Edible Starchy Tuber Head

A tribute to the greatest toy ever made.

Mr. T vs. the Spice Girls

Mr. T kicks the Spice Girls' ample asses as per request of the President of the United States of America.

Museum of Dirt

One large archive of historically significant dirt. Yummy.

My Pictures

Look out everyone! It's the attack of the overwhelming narcissist!

The Mystic 9-Ball

Cheaper than Psychic Talk Canada. Unfortunately, just as insightful.

The News Babe Page

I rather enjoyed this site but it's still kind of weird.

The Nose Pages

Do you find noses to be the most interesting part of the human anatomy? Well, this page is for you!

Oeno Phile's MOOD Detector

Classic mood ring technology goes digital!


One of the funniest Ezines you will come across. Mostly Yankee bastard political satire.

The Online Pregnancy Test

Piss on the keyboard, if the screen turns blue - you're pregnant!


Very trippy

OTB Online

The inside dirt on Sesame Street.

The Payphone Project

If you've got a lot of time and money to waste, this site is for you.

Phone Trips

Better than the Jerky Boys. Phone pranks at their finest.

Piercing Mildred

Virtual body piercing on a very odd looking virtual girl named Mildred. Good wholesome family fun!

People Against Poodles

Cute pooch or embassador of evil? Check out the article titled "Why should Foo-foo die?"

The ultimate site for the PEZ collector.

Phobia List

Helminthophobia = the fear of being infested by worms.

Political Babble Generator

Particularily usefull for Political Science students.

the Polyester Network

If you're into retro, this site is for you. If not, it's good for a laugh.


This is a real but obscure breakfast cereal that is better known for it's obscure philosophy than it's nutritional value.

Rapture Ready

Basically, this is the Weather Channel for Armageddon. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything

Exactly what it says it is.

Reasons to keep all your eggs in one basket

Logic would seem to dispell the myth that it is unwise to keep all your eggs in one basket. Time to go have a "talk" with that highschool guidance counsellor!

Rectal Foreign Bodies

A picture, yes PICTURE achive of all the things one doctor has found in people's asses.

The Revolution Starts Here

One man's effort to convince everyone that he's not human - he's actually an android. No really!


Does this really need a description?


A web-comic of a buxom babe who battles vegetables for the fate of earth. Keep following the Rusti Sprokit links.

scary squirrel world

Cute little rodent or tool of the Devil? You decide.

Sea-Monkey® Worship Page

Includes a Charter of Rights and freedoms for Sea-Monkeys.

Shakespearean Insults

Did good 'ol Bill ever talk trash? Aparently.

Sheep Breeds

I just had no idea there was this many diffent types of sheep! It's also kind of sick that someone has taken this much time to catalogue them all.

John's Shrine to Spam

A spiritual tribute to everybody's favorite snack-time meat.

The Smoking Gun

A very thought provoking tell-all ezine that exposes the mob and other savory characters.

Snort Wiggle Wiggle Dance Like a Pigeon

A very entertaining site featuring some cool .wav files and fucked up stories.


An oft overlooked skill, the good people at SPIT try to adress flegm's bad reputation.


An interactive web-museum featuring hauting montages of spleen art. Very Sarah McLaughlin-ish.

spOOk Central

Just some very disturbing shit. We're talkng agent orange kinda shit.

Sporks Are Godlike

Half spoon, half fork, all miracle.

Squirrel Tricks

In case you didn't know, those squirrels really are tricky little buggers!

Stare Down Sally

A very cool game where you have a virtual staring contest with this freaky looking chick - Sally.

Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches

A very good experiment that looks at the adverse effects of taping down the lever on your toaster

Stick Figure Death Theatre

This site takes a mature look at the tradgedy that is accidental death and dismemberment.

Stupid Frog Jokes

A webpage devoted to jokes about frogs. That's it.

The Stupid Page

All stupid, all the time.

The Sublime Lodge of the B:.B:. ©

A parody of a new age church that worships blue space alien invaders. Very Heaven's-gate-ish.

The Tackiest Place In America Contest

This site will save you the car-trip!

Taco Bell 'Morning After' Burrito

Mmmmm... Pro choice meets tasty choice!


This is for losers who can't find anyone to play with them. See if you can beat the Java Applette.

The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project

Very interesting investigation into the combustability, radioactivity and chemcial content of Twinkies

Toilet Training: An Online Guide to Urinal Etiquette

A Dear Abby for the public urinal. A must see for all men.

The Tokyo Shock Boys!

My heros.

Total Value Put Into Life Buying

Practical and yet disturbing solutions to all of life's little problems.

Transgender Support Site

It's a twelve step program. "I will become a woman, I will become a woman..."

Anders Transhuman Page

Basically, this is a nutball evolutionist movement that thinks man is on an evolutionary threshold. These guys are why some countries ban genetic engineering.

The Trash Cans of Disney

The history of the trashcans of Disney. (also see: The life story of a pathetic janitor clinging to the last remaining strands of sanity.)


For that special someone in your life that is in desperate need of an anti-depressant due to their hideous deformities.

THE UNABOMBER: The Manifesto

Even though he's a crackpot, you gotta admire the guy's vision.

underground postcards

Nothing says "I love you" like diembowelment.

The Unofficial NHL Drinking Games

Now you have a reason to get drunk while watching the Canucks lose.

Urban Legends Reference Pages

A page that tries to confirm or dispell some of our commonly accepted urban legends

Urban Tulsa - News Of The Weird

A small page but one that features some pretty strange stories


The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement - a society that promotes not having children or sex. Very post-apocalyptical.

Virtual Cow Tipping

Just what it says - fully interractive virtual cow tipping

Virtual Frog Dissection

All the fun of butchering a dead frog - right in the comfort of your own home!

The Virtual Interactive Typewriter for the Internet

For those of us who have never used a keyboard before. Very educational.

The Vomitus Maximus Museum

Check out the painting of the guy hacking his Siamese cat to pieces with a ginsu knife.

Wacky Patent of the Month

I'm still waiting for the solar powered flash-light.

Wall O' Shame

America's Stupidest Email. On display for your viewing pleasure.

Wave to the Cats

Totally useless site that allows you to "wave" to some loser's cats.

Web Odor

The new "must-have" plug-in for Netscape.


Totally in German but it's got some far-out graphics that you can swipe!

Women Speak in Estrogen and Men Listen in Testosterone...

I know, it's one of those stupid URLs you send on ICQ but dammit! It made me chuckle!

Would You Like Fries With That?

Yes, you too can own your own Rodent-shake maker!


Just try it. Mikey liked it.

You asked for it!

A page for those into self-abuse. All it does is hurl randomly generated insults at you.

You Can't Shave An Otter

Normally, I'm not big on personal web-pages but this one is a must-see. Very profound....ignorance.

Zippy meets Meta-HTML

Try this filter on all sorts of pages! It adds extra dialogue to you average HTML. It works particularily well with the jokes on this site.


Just plain nuts.