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Next Event: SKI FOR LIGHT 2002 in Red Deer, Alberta,
February 11-17, 2002

Ski for Light logo
Our logo represents a rock carving found in Norway and reputed to be over 4000 years old, providing the first evidence of skiing in world history.

Ski For Light: A six day cross-country ski event, held in Canada every year benefitting blind, visually impaired, and mobility impaired persons.

Ski for Light Motto: "If I can do this, I can do anything."


• is a program of cross-country skiing, or ski touring, for visually impaired and other physically handicapped people.

• is modeled after the Knight's Race (Ridderrennet) in Norway, held annually since 1964 with international participation.

• is a way for disabled people to get involved in vigorous physical activity.

• is a way to enjoy the outdoors.

• brings together handicapped and non-handicapped people from throughout Canada.

• is a one-to-one program providing a sighted guide/instructor for each participant.

• is social interaction between participants, guides, committee members and local people involved in the program.

• teaches cross-country skiing to as many disabled people as possible, with the idea that they may continue to enjoy the sport after returning to their home communities.Image of snow scene

• offers an opportunity to participate in recreational ski touring as well as competitive cross-country racing.

• is a way to promote good health at a time when unhealthy living habits abound.

• is a challenge to explore and put to good use our human potential.

• can provide the key to a new awareness of what the blind and other handicapped people can do.

Ski for Light's activities for disabled people are one-to-one programs. Experienced cross country skiers who would like to volunteer as instructor/guides during the official Ski for Light events, or who would like to ski with handicapped people in their home areas on an informal basis, are invited to contact Ski for Light (Canada) Inc. Follow-up activity in one's familiar environment is as important as the program itself.
If you would like to sponsor Ski for Light, we ask you to please contact us. If you are not in a position to join us on the ski trail, but you like what we are doing and wish to support Ski for Light by either donating funds or your time, we would be very happy to hear from you. We would be glad to add your name to the mailing list for the Ski for Light Newsletter, but ask that a $5 donation accompany your request. This would help to pay for newsletter production and mailing costs.

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